Party #2

Last weekend was our second focus group, which quickly became recipe testing….which quickly became a PARTY. It was Bradley’s turn to play host so I packed up all my bits and bobs and headed out early on Saturday morning.


First on the menu were these little fellas, sweet potato patties. 
The the canapés just kept rolling….

20120727-110556.jpg 20120727-110617.jpg 20120727-110658.jpg

Bradley did a grand job as host and chief cocktail maker. His Rum punch and Dark & Stormy cocktails went down a treat.

Once everyone was well fed and cocktailed the pens and paper came out…

Thanks Rhodora, I also think Flying Martinis, Sunshine, Cold Pizza, a Rainbow and a Unicorn makes a pretty good night out too.

 And I think Diriye liked our canapés 🙂


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