Up on the Roof!

Last month we were asked to cater for a surprise birthday party on a roof terrace! We love designing bespoke menus for our customers from just a few buzz words. This particular birthday boy was a big fan of meat, masterchef and fusion food. Check out some of the pictures from the night.

One of our favourite courses on the night was this cheeky palate cleanser we popped in before the desserts:

Strawberries with Pan Masala and Balsamic Reduction

Strawberries with Balsamic Reduction and Pan Masala

Bradley first tried Pan Masala in this way in Paris; “I was served it as a palate cleanser with lightly roasted strawberries. The aniseed flavours mixed with the menthol and cinnamon candy treats brought out the sweetness of the strawberries… It’s safe to say I was blown away. A great combo.”

Our version is delicious and simple to do. Just reduce some balsamic vinegar in a pan until it’s thick (a bit like black treacle) and drizzle a little onto your plate, add fresh strawberries and sprinkle with pan masala and some candied fennel seeds – you only need a tiny pinch of these spices per person as they’re jam packed with flavour. Pan Masala is a mixture of seeds and menthol sweets used as a mouth freshener after a meal, but it you can’t get hold of any try using a mix of fennel and cardamom seeds. 


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